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Community Outreach Advocacy - pg 5

How Do I Become a Community Outreach Advocate?

Advocates can volunteer with national advocacy organizations. Each organization has education, research, legislative or fundraising advocacy opportunities. Just search online under the type of cancer advocacy you are interested in.

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a community outreach advocate.

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Advocates can volunteer at their local cancer center or in their faith communities. The main thing is to volunteer. Advocates can volunteer at their work places, especially if they work in a health related environment. Do a good job at what you decide to volunteer for and you will be asked to do more.

Some advocates have established relationships with other community leaders and have the ability to form strong coalitions that have the ability to make great change in their communities.

Training in Community Outreach Advocacy

If you want to become a community outreach advocate in the area of cancer, you should first educate yourself about cancer. You should get your information from good, reliable resources whose information represents the latest evidence based information available.

“Cancer Information and Support Network” is a good, reliable resource.

You are on this site now. This site has many good modules for learning about cancer that start off very basic and gradually get more complex in content. Each module also has a quiz, so you can make sure you are grasping the concept before moving to the next module. The recommended modules are:




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