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Free e-Training for Patients, Advocates and the Community

As medical research continues to bring new advances to health care, it is important for people to understand them. What is personalized medicine? What are clinical trials? What is targeted therapy?

CISN provides e-training for patients, advocates and medical professionals who want to better understand these topics as well as cancer and cancer research. This is accomplished by doing the following:


Then select either the personal training option or the community training option below.


    After you have read the web content if you want to use our trainings for your own personal use, click the download request link at the end of this section. You may select as many as you want. These documents are PDF versions of PowerPoint slide presentations that are designed as trainings to reinforce web content. They can be read to enhance your learning.

Each training also comes with a PDF teachers manual that includes talking points for each slide. Be sure to download both and read the talking points for each slide as you progress through the training.

If you find this training helpful and you want to use it to train others, follow the steps below this section for “Community Trainings”.


The following is a list of the trainings for personal use:

  • What is Cancer? - Cancer 101
  • Personalized Medicine
  • What We Know About Cancer - Cancer 201
  • How Cancer is Studied:
    • How Cancer is Studied
    • Clinical Trials 101
    • Clinical Trials 201
  • Drug Development
  • New Horizons in Cancer Care:
    • Targeted Therapy
    • Molecular Diagnostics - Tumor Markers


Go to the Download Request Page to select the trainings you want.




    If you plan to use our materials to train community members please follow the steps below:
    • Go to the e-Training Quiz Introduction
      Click Here to visit the e-Training Quiz Introduction page. This introduction gives an overview of the quizzes and how to take them. There are two similar quizzes for each section, one graded and one non-graded. The non-graded quiz reinforces learning and the graded quiz reinforces learning and provides a standard minimum level of competence for organizations using this material as a basis for their activities or training.
    • Take the Web Content out into The Community
      When the graded quiz is completed with a grade of 70% or higher the student is directed to a summary page that reinforces learning and gives the student an opportunity to download a PowerPoint Training document that summarizes the material for the section just completed. This PowerPoint training may be used as part of a community outreach to educate the general public or to train advocates. A Trainer's Guide is also available that provides talking points for the person giving the training.
    • Trainings in Webinar Format
      Click on the link below to see each training in webinar format:




Personalized Medicine
Recently Diagnosed
Cancer 101

e-Quizz Training Introduction




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