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CISN Webinars

The webinar will open in a new window. Please be patient as the webinar loads. It can take a minute or so depending upon your system and browser. We recommend the Google Chrome browser for best playback features, but all the standard browsers should work.

  1. How To Use CISN’s Online Content and Trainings
  2. Tips for NCTN Advocates
  3. How to Review a Clinical Trial Concept – Protocol
  4. How to Review a Clinical Trial Consent Form
  5. Clinical Trials 201
  6. Cancer 201 - What We Know About Cancer
  7. Understanding Precision Medicine
  8. Targeted Therapy
  9. Tumor Markers and Molecular Diagnostics
  10. Drug Development
  11. How Cancer is Studied
  12. What Does Physics Have To Do With Cancer?
  13. Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) In Clinical Trials
  14. How to be an Effective Legislative Advocate

Personalized Medicine
Recently Diagnosed
Cancer 101
Latina Navigator Training








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