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To further our goal of providing information on various aspects of the cancer experience, we are posting articles written by leading medical professionals, non-profits and advocates. We encourage you to read them, as they will provide various perspectives on a wide range of topics.

To access an article click on one of two categories:

Our Invitation to Medical Professional, Advocates and Non-Profit Organizations:

Please accept our invitation to submit an article for posting in this section of the website.

We are an umbrella organization in that we cover all cancers. We do not try to cover the excellent organ specific or group specific information of other organizations but rather try to fill gaps in educational information.

We focus on helping people understand both their cancer diagnosis and their treatment options.

Personalized Medicine
Recently Diagnosed
Cancer 101
Latina Navigator Training

We also focus on educating cancer patients and their families about research and how that relates to them.

As an Organization we believe and formalize in our Mission Statement that one of our goals is to collaborate with all stakeholders.

We believe that our website will have more depth and breadth if we can showcase the tremendous work that medical professionals, other non-profits and advocates across the country are engaged in.

Article Guidelines

Please attach articles and image files to an email and send to:

We reserve the right to ask for revisions to ensure that the content matches our mission statement to provide information but not recommendations.

We also reserve the right to decline using your submission if we feel it does not match our mission statement.

Please read and adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Length: 500 -2,000 words.

  • Pictures: Encouraged – they may be topic focused and/or your portrait or organization. If they are topic focused please be sure that they are in the public domain or you have purchased the rights to use them.

  • Topic: You are free to write about any aspect of cancer advocacy, research, clinical trials (no specific trials please) or the patient experience.

  • Identification: You will be identified by name, title and affiliation. For those who chose to write more than one article we will also include a short narrative biography.

  • Links back to you: We are happy to provide links back to your Organization and request that you provide links to our website in return.

Article Category Structure:

  • Articles Written by Medical Professionals

We would like to provide a platform that allows you to post articles about any topic that discusses cancer research, clinical trials, patient treatment options or any aspect of the patient experience.

We support and would like to encourage the strong bond that researchers and doctors have with patients.

    • By Writer: If more than one article written. We will include your name, title, affiliation, a picture, a link back to your work and a short narrative biography.

    • By Topic: If one article written. We will also include all of the above identifiers except for the bio.
  • Articles Written by Advocates

    • By Writer: We welcome writers who would like to post monthly articles. Your article will be listed under your name with a picture and narrative bio.

    • By Organization: We hope to provide both patients and organizations with a network to find each other. We recognize that patients may find you through other more direct paths. We also know that because our format allows you to post both pictures and information about your work, we may provide a path for those patients who move quickly from one site to another and may have overlooked your work.

    Your article will be listed under your organizations name. A picture may also be submitted.

    • By Topic: We welcome writers who would like to post one article. These articles will be grouped by topic. You may also submit a picture.

Our Invitation to survivors:

Please visit our Inspiration section. We invite you to both read and enjoy our posted information and to contribute to it.



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