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Research Hallmarks: Circa Today

Since the 2000 Hanahan and Weinberg paper, scientists have learned a great deal more about tumor genetics, angiogenesis, and the processes of invasion and metastasis.

The work they summarized focused on tumor genetics. However, the more scientists learn about processes that were being heavily researched in the late 20th century, the more they recognize that other levels of complexity are involved in cancer.

We created the image above to show areas that are being heavily researched in the first decade of the 21st century.

Infectious agents, and cancer stem cells are now being studied. Further, factors beyond cancer cell genetics (i.e., epigenetics) and beyond the cancer itself (e.g., the blood supply, micro-environment, the immune system and drug metabolism) are key to understanding and effectively treating cancer.

Starting with Infectious Agents we will be studying each of these areas individually.

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