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Research is a step-by-step process that involves collecting and examining information. We do research to improve our knowledge and understanding more about the world we live in. It almost always involves finding out something new or better understanding something already known.

Researchers are the people who carry out research. They can be all different sorts of people, including scientists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, students and epidemiologists. Epidemiologists are population researchers who, among other things, work out the statistics you often see in the news.

Cancer research is the study of cancer, from its basic biology to the effects of treatment. Researchers who study cancer collect and analyze information about every aspect of the disease. This includes: what causes cancer; how cancers form; the different ways to treat cancer; and how cancer can be prevented. It is important to remember that there are factors in play that we cannot change, so cancer prevention is more correctly stated as cancer risk reduction.


In this background section we will discuss:

Personalized Medicine
Recently Diagnosed
Cancer 101
Latina Navigator Training
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